Jadual Karnival Pendidikan MARA 2016- Berita Baik kepada semua lepasan SPM 2015 temui kami Kolej cosmopoint di gerai pameran.

Jadual Karnival Pendidikan MARA. Good news to SPM 2014 and 2015 leavers and those who are still looking for jobs or place to further your studies, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) is organizing Mara Education Carnival 2015 from 5th March 2016 to 17th April 2015. Visit the nearest Karnival Pendidikan MARA.

The followings are the highlight of the Carnival of Education MARA 2016

Jadual Karnival Pendidikan MARA 2016

1) Educational Opportunities in universities / colleges / IPMA
2) Sponsorship & Funding Education
3) Counseling Education & Career
4) Open the IHE Interview
5) Career Personality Test
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